Monday, December 05, 2005

Another bloody month............

with the holidays upon us the news that november was one of the bloodiest months for our troops in this war is lousy news. no matter how this administration spins it this war is going downhill quickly. this isnt like afghanistan, which was a needed war to squash terrorism, this was a get even with saddam. the only goal that was achieved was the toppling of saddams government. we havent stopped terrorism (or even put a huge dent in it). we never found the wmd's like we thought we would (please save the shit about finding some barrels in the desert, that wasnt what we went in for). we havent caught osama bin laden. we havent caught most of the guys on the playing cards. we arent loved as liberators in that country. we havent improved our status in the muslim world. what we are doing is sacrificing our young soldiers so that some american companies can profiteer in a war torn country. it would be different if his daughters had to serve over in iraq for a year. our soldiers would be better equipped then but seeing that daddy didnt serve at all (as almost none of the people in this administration did) what chances do we have of seeing a bush family member serve in this war. mission accomplished.....hardly. i agree with rep. murtha (a decorated war veteran). we need to get out. we need a clear and concise plan for leaving. the iraqis need to step up now and take control of their country.

i support our bringing all our soldiers home for next xmas (this xmas is shot already)

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