Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy holidays?..........

i ant seem to figure why the holidays are so much more streesful than any other days. everybody seems to be on edge these days. i cant figure it out. sure you have to buy some gifts and probably go to a relatives house that you cant stand butwhy do we get so edgy this time of year. i think i'll chose to blame snow for the anxiety. i hate snow. dont get me wrong when i was little snow was great but i'm not little anymore....and snow sucks. six inches were dumped on the burg on friday. ok i lived with that. shoveled out my parking spaces and sidewalks and then on to other business. yesterday, though, was another thing. i get up, put the news on and await the weather. the liar (weatherman) says just some flurries, maybe an inch. three inches later i'm shoveling again. my street was like a skating rink. a winter wonderland so to speak. now i know everyone says move south but i'm not fond od their weather either. i dont like africa hot in the summer and normally, in the burg, the wind doesnt blow the roofs off of our homes. oh well, i'll get over it. there are worse things in life.

get to work kids. i have some stuff to do.

p.s. how about my steelers. kicked some chicago ass

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Patsy Darling said...

Shoes, I think you may agree with me on this one. Pittsburg is much like most of Jersey, not very pretty. But with a blanket of snow over it, you don't notice all the filth. It makes everything look delightful. So why would you say snow makes it stressful? It's spending time with family that is the killer.