Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Angelina jolie is what...............

is anyone else tired of seeing angelina? or brad for that matter? when did she become the face of america to the world. granted, its a better face than dubya and she speaks better than he does, but still. every day theres another picture of her dragging brad and those adopted kids all around the globe. shes sitting with her burka on talking with these old women like she can realte to them. yeah right? i guess i do give her credit for adopting (and brown kids, not sitting around buying up white kids) but does she have to be everywhere. is she our representitive to the united nations? shes always there. lets put some perspective on this. he father is jon voight. hes certifiably insane......and he thinks shes kooky. wasnt she running around with a vial of billy bobs blood around her neck not too long ago. and what the hell is wrong with brad? anormal life with aniston wasnt enough? now she has you traipsing through 5th world countries dragging those kids behind her. that must be some powerful pussy. cmon, i love my wife, but if she said we were going to take the kids and run off to india there would be four of us at the airport waving as her plane took off. i dont need to go there. i'll just piss, crap and vomit in a bucket and stick my head in. everyone from india says that cures them of homesickness. and quit with the brangelina crap. why do we have to combine couples names now. it sounds ridiculous. stop it.

ok, get to work or the beautiful people will get you.

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gabsmash said...

Uhhh, I feel obligated to comment I don't know why. I agree, it's getting old. However, I cant deny the fact that I really do admire their capability to do what SHE is doing. And yeah, the couple mesh name thing...deep wrong.