Tuesday, November 13, 2007

who'd have guessed..............

Serial killer of sleepy security guards nabbed

Thai police have arrested a hospital security guard who allegedly killed at least seven fellow security guards and seriously injured another 10 for sleeping on the job.
Wittaya Jaikhan, 30, was arrested yesterday, ending a five-month-long police manhunt for the serial killer of security guards in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces.
Wittaya, who has confessed to the killing spree, attributed his rampage to professional outrage.
"I hate guards who fall asleep on the job and don't perform their duty," he told Thai Rath newspaper.
But the murders were not entirely motivated by piqued professional pride.
Wittaya, a security guard at Samitivej Sirnakarintara Hospital, also confessed to stealing his victims' "candies, chocolates and mobile phones", after bashing them over the head for nodding off on the job.

better be on your game when this guy is around. he really does hate people who dont do their jobs and lets be honest once you kill them you might as well make off with their "candies, chocolates and mobile phones".

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