Thursday, November 29, 2007

Three Men in Women's Clothes Start Fight in Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN - They may have looked like women, but they weren't ladies.
Police in Memphis say they're working on a more detailed description of three men as women who came into a McDonald's restaurant with a tire tool and started swinging last night.
Restaurant employee Martez Brisco was working the drive-through window and he says there was an argument there. Brisco says when he ignored them tapping at the window, things got strange.
Police Lieutenant Trevor Tisby says the cross-dressers came inside and decided they wanted to fight with the restaurant crew.
Witnesses say the men hit the manager with a tire tool and when he swung back at them, kicked off stiletto boots and pulled off hoop earrings and jackets for a fight.
When it was over, the manager was taken to the hospital after being hit in the head with a "wet floor" sign and Albert Bolton was bandaged from where he said his attackers used their fingernails to scratch him.
Before they drove off, the three attackers smashed the drive-through window.

sure sounds like some classy cross dressers they got down in them parts. it is a great headline though.................

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