Friday, November 16, 2007

Florida story of the day.........

Unzipped man takes swing at deputy

A 21-year-old Laurel Hill man who was pulled over for erratic driving ended up being charged with resisting an officer with and without violence, in addition to the charge of DUI refusal. Adam Phillips of Fourth St. was traveling north on State Road 85 mid-afternoon on Nov. 10 when an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy noticed that his SUV was crossing back and forth across the median line. When the deputy approached him, Phillips, who was not wearing a seat belt, told him, “I don’t have time for this (expletive),” according to the offense report. Phillips had difficulty finding his license although the deputy could clearly see it in the plastic window of his wallet. The deputy suspected that he had been drinking and asked Phillips to step out for a field sobriety test. That’s when the deputy noticed that Phillips' pants were unzipped and unbuttoned. Phillips fastened them, then stuck his hand down the front of his pants, the report noted. The deputy was concerned that the man might have been retrieving a weapon, so frisked him down. During the search, Phillips “turned his upper body towards me in an aggressive manner with his fists still clenched as if he was preparing to punch me,” the deputy wrote. When asked why his pants were unzipped, Phillips referred to a sexual act that had been taking place and said that he was heading home for more. The female in the car told the deputy that she didn’t know why Phillips’ pants were undone and she denied any sexual conduct taking place in the car. The deputy noted eight empty Miller Lite bottles in the vehicle. Phillips was taken to jail, where he refused to listen to anything, claiming he had “learning disabilities.” The deputy let him read the implied consent document, but Phillips refused to answer when asked if he understood it. Later in the process, Phillips took a swing at the deputy and was restrained.

at least this guy was honest. hes getting a hummer while going home for more. he really didnt have time for this shit. why isnt this on cops..............

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