Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sports Bar Owner Rips Customer's Genitals

The owner of a popular Brooklyn Park sports bar is scheduled to appear in Hennepin County District Court this week on charges he assaulted a customer.
Brooklyn Park police said the incident happened last June at Blondie's bar. That's when a customer tried to cancel a food order and got into a dispute with the owner and bar staff. Police said the man had stopped there for a bite to eat between jobs.
Investigators say the owner, Thor Gunderson, even tried to stop the man from calling 911 for help. When police got to the bar, they say they found the customer bleeding and on the ground, restrained by Gunderson and a bouncer.
"At the hospital they determined he had an injury which was to his scrotum and that one of his testicles was actually torn loose," said Roehl.

just eat the damn food. how bad is it when your willing to have your nuts yanked off rather than eat the food. thats one tough restaurant.

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