Friday, November 30, 2007

"Wang arrested for panty theft"

Penn student arrested in underwear thefts

A student at the University of Pennsylvania was charged after allegedly stalking female students at the school and stealing pairs of their underwear.
Diexia Wang, a Penn senior, was charged with burglary, criminal trespassing, harassment and theft after he allegedly stole underwear and purses from several women.
Southwest Detectives also are investigating whether Wang stalked a woman who lived in the Harold C. Mayer Residence Hall.
Police said Wang may also be linked to at least a half-dozen bizarre thefts on campus, according to media reports.
Wang was freed after his parents posted 10 percent of $200,000 bail.

i only posted this for the headline...............


Jonquil said...

This is a link to a cautionary tale for would-be panty thieves. Beware! You have been warned!

Alex Webb said...

I love panties and the feminine smell they have. My blog deals with this subject and the pro's and con's of panty theft as well as some advice to would be panty thieves. its the thrill these people seek, i try to encourage other ways of obtaining these items. These are thrill seekers that i try and keep a distance from personally, it gives panty sniffers and oralist's a bad name. wet, worn panties are not a crime after all, unless your stealing them that is.