Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why didnt i think of this.............

Underage drinking party ends with standoff

Waunakee - An underage drinking party that drew 50 to 70 youths turned into a standoff at a farm shed, with teens barricaded inside for about five hours, refusing calls by police and their parents to come out, officials say.Some of the teens intimidated others by wielding a sledgehammer, ax and rifle and insisting that no one should leave because anyone who did would be ticketed, including members of the Waunakee High School football team, according to a criminal complaint filed yesterday in Dane County Circuit Court.Sheriff's deputies arrived at the farm residence of Daniel and Jacklyn Kaltenberg in the Town of Westport early Sept. 30, just after midnight, in response to a report of an underage drinking party.Witnesses said those in the shed included Jacklyn Kaltenberg, 44, an elementary school teachers aide in the Waunakee district. She talked by cell phone with her husband as the standoff continued, the complaint said, but both Kaltenbergs later told investigators they weren't there.Jacklyn Kaltenberg was charged with selling alcohol to underage persons and resisting or obstructing an officer. Daniel Kaltenberg, 44, was charged with resisting or obstructing an officer. The three teens each face a charge of disorderly conduct while using a dangerous weapon.Most of the deputies left after about four hours. Two stayed in the immediate area, and one of them saw about 20 to 30 youths running to the farm across the street at about 5 a.m.Two of those who attended the party were cited on suspicion of underage drinking and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.Waunakee School Superintendent Chuck Pursell said Tuesday that the district was still investigating the incident, but three students have been disciplined, and Jacklyn Kaltenberg was serving an unpaid suspension from her job.Pursell said no football players were disciplined during the team's run in the state Division 2 playoffs, which ended in the quarterfinals with a loss to DeForest Nov. 3, because the district's investigation hadn't determined any football players were at the party."We can't do something based on hearsay and rumor," Pursell said.One of the teens charged Tuesday is a member of the team.All five people facing charges have been scheduled for initial court appearances Nov. 26.

why didnt i think of this when i was in high school. the police should have shot that shed full of tear gas and then left. of course no football players were disciplined. is it any wonder why football players are all screwed up as adults. and what does this say about the police force there. why didnt they just storm in and beat some kids with night sticks. these kids are lucky they live in farm country...anywhere else and they would be dead..................

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