Friday, November 30, 2007

Wayne County Man Electrocuted

It's been a tragic Thanksgiving holiday for a Wayne county family. A Marion man was electrocuted while trying to pull his car out of ditch early Thursday morning.
Wayne County sheriff's deputies said Joseph Maliborski, 20, was using a tractor from a nearby farm to try to tow the car out of a ditch on ball road. The tractor made contact with low hanging power lines causing Maliborski's death.
The Wayne County Sheriff's Department is still trying to figure out exactly how this happened. Several residents who live nearby say they'll never forget what they saw.
Thomas Christensen woke up early Thanksgiving morning to a loud bang. He decided to get a closer look and found a grizzly scene.
"We looked out the dining room window and saw a bunch of commotion down here," Christensen said. "The tractor was burned up. There was really nothing left of it, other than just a shell."
Maliborski's family says he was on his way home from a friend's house and ended up in a ditch.
Another neighbor, James Salerno, saw most of what was going on though his living room window.
"He had had an accident it looked like he slid sideways and hit the pole," Salerno said.
The impact severed the telephone pole leaving the power lines hanging low to the ground.
"The kid should have just gone home and forgot about it and it wouldn't have been that bad you know," Christensen said.
Instead Salerno said Maliborski took a tractor from a nearby farm.
"He took one tractor stalled it and tore the transmission out of it trying to get up to the road," Salerno said.
Maliborski then went back to get a second tractor according neighbors. He was using it to pull his car out when the front loader became entangled in the power lines. The live wires set the tractor on fire. When Maliborski tried to escape he was electrocuted.

let me get this straight......Man crashes car into ditch, attempts to extract car with tractor but stalls it, sets second tractor on fire and electrocutes himself after hitting low-hanging power lines.

ta da..........................

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