Friday, November 02, 2007

Darling, I am going to give you syphilis for Christmas

It's the only time anyone will thank you for giving them gonorrhea...syphilis, malaria or fleas for that matter.
Not sold yet? How about cuddling up for the night with a nice soft salmonella microbe or getting squishy on the sofa with your old friend the flu virus -- Orthomyxovirus to give the germ its full Latin name.
Getty cozy with diseases might not be your idea of a good time but GIANTmicrobes are hoping they will be the hottest thing since the teddy bear.
The company has taken microscope images of viruses and turned them into larger than life -- much much larger thankfully -- soft toys.
Included in cuddly collection are dust mites, bedbugs, lice, sore throats (streptococcus), ear ache (S. pneumoniae) stomach ache (shigella), stomach ulcer, athlete's foot, bad breath (gingivalis), acne, rabies, black death and mad cow disease.
In the sales blurb about its cuddly
In the sales blurb about its cuddly Ebola toy it says: 'Since its discovery in 1976 Ebola has become the T Rex of microbes. Share the love.' On its Algae toy it says: 'Anyone for a pool party? Theses guys are always ready to show up. Learn who you're swimming with before you dive in.'
The soft toys are on sale from £4 for one or £20 for a set.
what a wonderful learning tool for the kids.

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mr_g said...

Do they drop ship? I think I'd like to send some syphilis to my ex!