Friday, November 16, 2007

Florida story of the day.............

Image Of Jesus And Mary Seen In Pancake

He has been seen on grilled cheese sandwiches, in windows and in clouds, and now Jesus has been seen on a pancake.
Marilyn Smith was making a pancake a couple of weeks ago.
As she was sprinkling it with chocolate powder, the Port St. Lucie woman noticed two figures in the grill marks.
To her and her daughter, they appeared to be Jesus and Mary.
So, after holding onto it for a few days, they decided to put it up for auction on eBay.
The starting bid was $35. when the auction ended just before midnight last night, the winning bid was $338.

or maybe you skillet doesnt heat evenly. this doesnt look anything like the pictures of jesus and mary that i have seen. it more closely resembles the grimace from mcdonalds.


Gina said...

$338.oo for Jesus and Mary on a pancake!!! Wow...I'm a bad cook and my pancakes look like this all thie time.....I could be rolling in the dough (pun intended)...selling Jesus and Mary, the Apostles at the Last Supper, and the Titanic sinking....

Wow....thanks for this insight...good think she didn't butter the Lord up ...hey?


Gina said...

obviously I was in the rapture of the moment...and my fingers slipped in a few places...


shoes said...

i tried buttering up the lord once but he took it all wrong and now we dont speak to each other. dont get me wrong when we see each other we are polite but theres just an uncomfortable feeling....if you know what i mean