Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rapper dispute at Chuck E. Cheese leads to shooting, cuz ain't nobody gonna be touching my tokens, yo

A dispute between feuding rap artists led to Sunday night's shooting of a man as he was walking out of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in the Madison area, police said.
Travell Price, 29, was critically injured when a gunman shot him in the arm and torso as Price was leaving the restaurant with his wife and three children, police said.
Police said a suspect wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt was possibly seen leaving in a black Dodge. Detectives were investigating whether a black Dodge found last night at the 800 block of Pennington Avenue is connected to the shooting.
Police say Price was apparently targeted in the shooting. Price has a lengthy arrest history over the past 10 years, and he acknowledged that he is connected to rap recordings, police said.
look, where theres smoke theres fire. he has a lengthy arrest history. he probably deserved to be shot for something hes done but a shootout in front of chucky cheese is unacceptable. find the shooters and bury them trial needed...........

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