Friday, August 12, 2005

Things that make a friday special......

its a rare two post friday

it starts with bruce taylor and it starts in oklahoma. maria and carlos isordia are a nice married couple, minding their own business, living their lives in peace. one night maria notices that some of her bras and panties are missing. the next night more were missing. five nights this went on before she told her husband. carlos (who must have watched alot of cartoons as a child) set up a trap for the suspected panty raider using only a coffee cup, string and a bra (couldnt he have just dropped an anvil on his head). well the trap worked and bruce was caught. he must of resisted because carlos gave him a good old fashoined beat down with a leg from a babies crib. bruce was arresated and is facing jail time. when police searched his residence they found 55 pounds of underwear. enjoy prison'll make a fine bitch for someone.

courtney love has crawled back out of the sewer and into our lives once more. seems the judge who paroled her wants to see her again (hence the name court-ney). one of the parameters of her parole was that she had to remain sober. lets see...she passed out last month at a function, she looked entirely wasted at the pam anderson roast....etc. yeah, she violated parole now what are you going to do about it. i think her daughter turned her in. theres a kid begging to be put in a foster home. anythings better than having mom go to one more parent/teacher night.

on a more sobering note ap is reporting that the national guard and reserve suffered more combat deaths in the first ten days of august (32) than in any full month of the entire war. think about 10 days this has happened. this isnt just a bad stretch military deaths have been rising since the beginning of the year. now i know that i will get painted with an unpatriotic brush but i'm just repoting the news (if i blasted hillary clinton those same people would link to this post and refer to me as a good american). this is after bush said "mission accomplished". after cheney and rumsfeld have said things are going just fine. after our military leaders tell us that cracking down on insurgents LAST MONTH would slow down their activities. can anyone blame americans for being upset. we have had so much smoke blown up our asses that we just want honest answers. i support the mother that is camped outside bush's home. i hope she gets through to him. on wednesday the pentagon announced that as of july 31st recruiting for the national guard is down 23%, the army reserves are down 20% and the marine reserves are right at their goal. is it any wonder in this day of information that young men and women who can think dont want to risk their lives in a war that cannot be won, lead by men who never expirenced war except from behind a desk with equipment that is faulty. i see a draft coming. thank god my son is registered as a jb4 (he'll be the fourth person into iraq after jenna bush).

its friday. lets just make it through and then party


ccw said...

Holy shit! Did the crib leg have Acme written on the side? Why doesn't the man go buy his own panties or bras? Or get some used ones off of e-Bay?

shoes said...

thats what i mean. why didnt he set up a zany rig of ropes and pullies to drop an anvil on him.