Thursday, July 21, 2005

The thursday review

i work in a predominately black area of pittsburgh that is known as the hill district (or if you have a business here and dont want you customers to stay away because of the stigma....uptown). companies know that it is a majority black just like everyone else so i guess i shouldnt have been shocked last saturday when i was opening mail at work. we got a disc from aol (you know...upgrade to aol 8.765431)
that was addressed to my company at their hill district address and right on the front is a sticker that says "new aol, BLACK VOICES , created with you in mind". black voices? now i have thoughtr about this for a couple of days and i'm not sure who i feel or more to the point how a black person would feel. should i be mad because of the stereotype or should i be glad that aol is catering to me. i guess that could be argued both ways (and if your pittsley five different ways) but what i want to know is what are the voices like. if aol wasnt so insidious and ruin your computer i would download this and see. is the voice james earl jones, chappelle, halle berry or even better is just some crack head loser like we have in droves around here. yo yo yo you got mail muthafucka. if i thought it was actually something like that i would download instantly. muthafucka answer yo mail. how sweet would that be.

in a follow-up to a previous post the chick in my office who was getting dates over the computer bought a new ford suv. thats not the story. her salesman, within fifteen minutes of meeting her, is going over his sex life with her. hes hitting on her big time. she ends up buying the car on thursday and then on saturday the bomb drops. the headlines in the saturday pittsburgh post gazette say that the police arrested a man impersonating pittsburgh steeler quarterbacks ben roethlisberger and brian st. pierre and .....well i think you can figure out where this is going.......thats her salesman. i told her to call the paper. hell, she knows intimate details of his sex life. is she just the luckiest woman ever when it comes to meeting men. i'm glad she didnt get pulled into that but on the other hand her stories would be wonderful for my blog. by the way guys shes still available.

well kids i'm getting my rotator cuff surgically repaired tomorrow. i dont know if i will post tomorrow or saturday......but i will be back.

ok its thursaday. eat breakfast then get to work.


Spexial said...

aol black voices is just some more aol's like their is a chat room link called black voices that has a bunch of "black" chat rooms, etc...nothing but more bullshyt like i said...

ccw said...

It seems blatantly racist, but maybe if I were black I would welcome such a thing?

Do you think they will come out with "people who twang like hillbillies even though they are not really southern" voices? It would be nice to be reminded of home, now and again.

As for your friend, dear god, she has some luck!

halcyon67 said...

I agree with Spexial, it is a just bunch of bull...

police arrested a man impersonating pittsburgh steeler quarterbacks ben roethlisberger and brian st. pierre and .....well i think you can figure out where this is going.......thats her salesman
^^Sorry to laugh at the expense of your co-worker, but the whole Ben Rothlisberger impersontaor is hilarious. I heard Mike Romigh talking about it, I couldn't stop laughing... LOL.

Angel With an Attitude said...

my friend had a ringtone that said that...used to forget to turn it off before that was comfortable

As always... Rachael said...

yo yo yo you got mail muthafucka!!! LMFAO!!!

What? No all-white version of AOL... catering to skinheads, neonazis, and old KKK fucks? That's discrimination!!!

Funny about your co-worker! Let us know if the paper find her information useable... that would be a riot!

madman said...

good luck with the surgeon

scribe called steff said...

Hey, good luck with the surgery.

I've been clicking all the "top blogs" and I don't know what all the fuss is about with the Top 10... kind of insane.

You've got a good thing going, and I have to apologize, but I'm stealing your idea with all the neat shit you've put in your sidebar.

If it's any consolation, I do make a point of only stealing from the best.

But what am I telling you for? You can come check it out.

As for Harry Potter, the pope's a fucking twit.

I think it's "Nicea," by the way. ;)

And fundamentalists are a REAL drag.

The Last Ditch.