Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fundamentalism rears its retarded head......

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yesterday i posted my thoughts regarding the vatican condemning the harry potter bookss. my new friend pittsley , whos profile you see here, commented on my thoughts. i guess hes having a hard time wrapping his head around how i decide for myself what is fact and what is fiction. apparently the concept of having no proof making something fiction just doesnt fly. pittsley, let me explain once more. fiction, to me, is when you make up a story without any facts to back it. if i made up a story about a clown who flew to the would be fiction. i cant prove that it didnt happen BUT i made the story up in my head. this is exactly like j.k. rowlings did with harry potter or dan brown did with the davinci codes or in a more real sense what the catholic church did at the council of nicosea (forgive me if i did not spell that right) where the church decided what went into the bible and what did not. no, pittsley , i cannot prove that god does not exist nor do i wan to. you might be suprised to find that i actually believe in god. i think about god all the time actually. what i dont believe in is organized religion. now i understand that you are a student and you occupation is divinities so i'll let your long winded, pointless comments go and blame it on the fact that you might have learned a whole new set of words at school this year and need to try them out. unlike you i'm more to the point. all i need to do is look at your profile interests and favorite books and i know exactly where you argument will go. so i hope i explained MY thoughts on facts and fiction. i used small words and wrote slowly with the hope that you would get it. remember pittsley this is MY blog and MY beliefs. good luck with the fundamentalism. remember you cant have religious fundamentalism without fun and mental.

p.s. pittsley , please go get laid this summer. your backed up dude. even if you need to pay it would be worth it for you

hump day again .........i guess ranting like this kind of makes me a fundamentalist too..........doesnt it?


ccw said...

"I used small words"....

I'm laughing my ass off!!

Also, I am devastated at finding out Harry Potter is fiction. How could you say such a thing???

Thanks for the laugh!

Spexial said...

Ok that was the funniest shyt ever...people can be so narrow minded...and think that their opinions are all that matters..NEWS FLASH dickhead(pittsey and panties whatever the fuck your name is)...opinions are like assholes ---everybody has one!!!

Pittsley said...
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Pittsley said...

I think that you have understood my question clearly enough. I can't seem to get my head around how you "decide for [yourself] what is fact and what is fiction." If you have a piece of literature in your hands, how do you know whether or not someone made it up? What do you mean when you say "facts to back it up"? You are using some sort of concept of proof that you have neither explained nor justified.

For instance, you introduced the Scriptures into the discussion, so I'll follow you there. How do you know that the authors of Scripture made up what they are saying? At this point all that you have evidenced is that you do not like what the Scriptures say, but that is probably not what you would consider "proof" that what the Scriptures say is fiction. On that basis your kids would probably zap lima beans out of existence.

I'll quit here because I appreciate your concern for brevity of comment. I am enjoying the conversation, and I am sincerely glad that you've been willing to go back and forth with me a little bit.

P.S. I am married and I have a child on the way, but I don't think that really matters for the conversation.

Patsy Darling said...

This is what happens when they let Jesus freaks hang out with the rest of us, they start preaching and shit. No one wants to read an hour worth of Jesus comments.

shoes said...

did you read this guys profile. this is a man who likes to argue. he will belabor a point for no reason. i had to explain the same thing three times

Blazngfyre said...


I thought you were a Sexatologist?!

Now, which is fiction?!

Hmm .......

wait, did I write slow enough?
Are the words too big?

Buwhaaaaaa!!!!!! ;)

shoes said...

fundamentally im a sexologist.

As always... Rachael said...

Talking tomato plants are real because one spoke to me while I was tripping on seeds God provided for my use!

curmudgeon said...

Jesus Christ. You and your exegesis Dispensationalism on Reformed theology is way presuppositional. No apologetics for your Missions are really necessary though.

Oh wait, we don't have to use it all in a sentence?

Enya? Fuck.

shoes said...

actually by using all the words in one sentence they began to make sense to me. but you and i being pretentious jizzbags already knew that

Pittsley said...

Mr. Shoes, I gather from your most recent response that I am wearing out my welcome on your blog. I will therefore only post this last time, and I will keep it as short as I can.

The basic question that I have been trying to get an answer for is: how does one distinguish between fiction and reality?

I think your answer is basically that fiction is imagination and reality is proven or at least provable. I have asked twice what you mean by "proof" and "facts back it up," but you have not answered.

I think I know why you have not answered. The anti-Christian world view does not have an answer to these questions. (This is where I start preaching.) Only the Christian world-view gives an adequate answer to the question: how does one know fiction from reality? (The Christian world-view can be summed up: [1] the God revealed in the Bible is the only true God, Creator of all we see and know, and [2] the Bible is his only perfect written revelation to humans).

I will try to compact the Christian answer to the question of fiction and reality as much as I can. (1) God determines what is true and what is false. (2) Humans are able to receive that truth from God because God made humans in his own image. This is what makes knowledge possible.

The Christian world-view gives the only reasonable basis for knowledge of anything. I grant that non-Christian people make the distinction between fiction and reality all the time: you have made the distinction yourself. But I have asked you on what basis you make the distinction and you do not have an answer. The reason you do not have an answer is that you cannot explain the way knowledge works without using the Christian world-view. Unfortunately you do not want to use the Christian world-view to explain your position on fiction and reality because you do not like the Christian world-view. You do not like the Christian world-view because the Christian world-view says that God will send people who do not whole-heartedly embrace the Christian world-view "to a firey [sic] place."

Fortunately, you are not the one who determines what is fiction and what is reality: God is. That means, according to the Scriptures, that if you continue to believe what you have written, God's just sentence on you is an eternity in hell. However, God has provided for you a way of salvation from his own just wrath: turn from your sinfulness and trust Christ alone for deliverance. Christ, God’s only Son, lived a perfect life and suffered God's penalty for sinners like you and me. He rose again from the dead to show that the victory over death has been won and that all who turn to him in faith "will not perish but shall have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

You have said that this is your blog, and I agree with you. I will not post any more here unless you express an interest in hearing more from me. When I realized that you were tiring of the conversation, I almost decided not to respond, but then I realized that I could not leave the conversation without answering the questions that I asked and without trying to explain to you what God has done for those who will turn and trust in him.

shoes said...

i didnt express an interest to hear from you in the first place. i do actually respect your faith in your religion. i believe a couple of things about god pittsley

1. i think god would not at this time align his/herself to any religion right now. all religion is basically , by its nature, divisive. anytime someone says that this is what you should believe in and what you do believe in is wrong and will condemn you to hell.....well....its divisive.

2. you can read all the scripture you want but the only thing that matters is the golden rule. you might have heard of this "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". it encompasses everything...all the commandments...etc.bythe way that means everyone....gays, blacks , muslims, jews....etc. remember we were all made in gods image. he made gays so to say that gays are wrong is the same as saying god failed.

3. i find all born again christians to be pompous in their beliefs. i think anyone who feels that their religion is the only one are truly the most blessed people ever. just because someone hooked you up with your faith you are so lucky. you could have been one of the billion hindus (who by the way feel that they believe in the one true religion)and in so doing be condemned to hell.

4. and lastly if i am the worst person god has to deal with then the world is really much better off than i thought. if heaven is really full of people who hate and commit crimes in the name of god then hell really doesnt look like so bad a place besides most of the people i really like will be joining me there.

please dont respond and in truth please dont come back. i have no use for organized religions of any kind. you comments , wit and logic are not appreciated here.

Grampapinhead said...

SometimesI am ashamed to say I am from Michigan, but, hell, I guess they are all around us. Thank someone he isn,t a muslim 'cause he sounds like splodey-dopey material.

shoes said...


now thats funny

Anna said...

Holy Cow I am sorry I missed all the fun with Pitt for brains...

He rambles...that makes me sleepy... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Huh, what? Oh, sorry. Musta dozed off.

Use YOUR blog as you see fit my friend. This is one of the side effects, extra wastede comments. Just gotta shake it off. :)

x said...

I came in late. Poor, Pittsley, he was trying so hard for you. You would have been a big catch for that guy!