Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holidays wear my tired ass out

so the fourth has come and gone and i'm tired as hell. we left the house at 7:30 am and got home (three parties later) at 10:30 pm. i really didnt want to go to the last party but we went and stayed for their gala fireworks display. now this isnt my favorite couple to go visit. first the husband has a raging alcoholism problem and because hes bigger than god nobody says a word. now i dont mind a little alcoholism (hell i might have a touch myself) but whenever these people go away all he does is sit and drink. go to the carribean....find a bar. hell i dont need to go away to get loaded. as a matter of fact i can get loaded near home a lot cheaper. i also dont fit in well with the crowd which consists of gearheads and construction hacks who think that sarcasm is just another word in the dictionary. my humor is lost on that crowd. the wife is one of those controlling enablers who wants to get pregnant and cant (largely due to his drunken sperm i'm guessing) but has no problem telling you how to raise you children because.......you guessed it.......she took a parenting class in high school. look that was twenty years ago so why dont you mind your own business. it never ceases to amaze me how people without children are so quick with those great child rearing tips. please keep the tips to yourself folks....seeing your childless i'm not sure you know how to screw much less raise children. as we were leaving the last party the hostess said i looked tired. i explained that we had been on the run all day to which she announces " well i know what you mean. so have i". ok they put out a big spread and open their house to a large number of people every fourth but i'd like to see her do what my wife and i do. i think my wife and i could put on a party every weekend but i'm not sure she could go fifteen hours with three children (one of which is a newborn). on the upside the weather was great all weekend so you couldnt ask for much more.

well everyone its a short work week so dont waste it


Sunflower said...

Hey Misster pissed,
Sounds like you have your hands full with 3 kids and all. I liked reading all that stuff about childless woman telling u how to raise your children. What the nerve she has!

x said...

People are unbelievable. It's amazing how good of friends we can be with some people and how we can possible even tolerate others. Glad you're back!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Still laughing about the drunken sperm and if they know how to screw!! (lol) Perhaps after a weekend of them babysitting they would shut up!! While you and your wife went on a trip!

As always... Rachael said...

Had my fair share of childless know-it-alls... Tkae all the classes and watch Dr. Phil as much as you want... but you can't parent until you are one! It's definitely a "learn as you go" process... and what worked with the first one, may not work for the third. I once had to answer a menstrual question (from f-12), compliment an impressive lego gun (m-5), all while holding M-2 still while I wrestled a clean diaper onto his butt. Childless poeple think they can understand - but THEY ARE WRONG!!!!

BTW, I would LOVE to hear your prom story!!!

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