Friday, July 08, 2005

Kooks, kooks and more kooks

i was recently turned on to a web site by a friend and i think its wonderful. its i really like to keep my eyes on the religious kooks the most. i find them to be the scariest group by far. christians and yet so close to the taliban that its unbelievable. make no mistake....if our government was run by christians the way ....say......iran is we would have daily book burnings and stonings get the idea. this site is good because it points out things so clearly. i dont get these archaeologists and all there research. why waste their time when all they have to do is read the bible. it tells you plainly that the world is only 6000 years old and that noahs ark was real. t-rex bones? gods little trick? no, noah had one on the ark. cmon, use your heads....its all there in black and white and if you cant trust the bible (a book that has been altered by the catholic church) who can you trust. another really bizarre site is these nuts make the people at the other sites look normal. i really think its up to all of us to keep an eye on the nutjobs running around trying to force their beliefs upon all of us.

i'm very glad that shasta groene was found alive but really what kind of life will this little girl ever have. she has probably seen this animal, joseph edward duncan III, kill her mother, the mothers boyfriend and her brothers. she was constantly molested by this animal. to say this little girl will be carrying some baggage around with her forever would be a gross understatement. so young and yet her whole life is ruined. they are trying to get him to tell them where the body of the one brother is but he wont cooperate. give him to me for ten minutes and he will talk. if hooking this animals balls up to a car battery will loosen his tongue then all i can say is that red is positive, make sure you get them on correctly. do we even need a trial for this sick bastard. some lawyer will argue that his mommy didnt give him enough attention or some such nonsense but he needs to be eliminated.

for those of you who dont live in pennsylvania (and believe me your the lucky ones) we have a little something we like to call state stores and beer distributors. see the state controls liquor sales in the state. these stores are not privately owned. if you want a case of beer you have to go to a beer distributor. until this year you couldnt buy liquor on sundays and now you can only get it in certain test stores. you cannot get a case of beer on sundays at all. this dates back to when you had blue laws and god would get mad if you went shopping on sundays. this state is still run by the elderly. thats right, the same people who cant work the vcr or the remote dictate to the rest of us. maybe this is starting to change. the state legislator passed a bill to allow beer to be sold by the case on sundays and our governor is supposed to sign it. i hope this leads to beer in the grocery stores. now if only the elderly would pass away and we could get gambling run through quickly. no wonder young people are leaving this state in droves.

well its friday. the weather is supposed to be great here this weekend. i hope its good where you are too.


As always... Rachael said...

did you know that creep Duncan had a blog? It's, creepy shit.

gabsmash said...

saw it rach. how long before they take it down..shiver

Michael K said...


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