Sunday, July 10, 2005

How well are things really going in iraq

lets all try to seperate what your being told from whats really happening in iraq.

U.S. commander says enemy in Baghdad blunted
By Rowan ScarboroughTHE WASHINGTON TIMESJuly 9, 2005
The top U.S. commander in Baghdad said yesterday that a two-month counterinsurgency sweep has "mostly eliminated" the enemy's ability to "conduct sustained high-intensity operations" around the Iraqi capital.

thats right, straight frfom the washington post into our brains. they couldnt print it if it wasnt true....right? this man is the top u.s. commander. and then just like that..........

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Suicide bombings struck Iraq on Sunday, killing at least 23 and wounding dozens more in three attacks on an army recruiting center, a police convoy and civilians, authorities said.
The attacks pushed the death count to over 1,500 people killed from violence since April 28, when Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari announced his Shiite- and Kurd-dominated government in a country under attack from an insurgency led by Iraq's Sunni Arab minority.
In the deadliest blast Sunday, a man strapped with explosives blew himself up at a west Baghdad airfield now used as a military recruiting center, police said. Early casualty reports varied, with a hospital official saying at least 16 died while a Defense Ministry employee reported up to 25 killed

well did we really put a dent in their abilities to operate business as usual or is the ap writing fake stories. just one day after our top general speaks they just keep going and operating around baghdad. the general should stay quiet. this is like daring them to do stuff.....and they will. they have no problem blowing up their own people so why would they have any problem blowing up our brave but underequpped soldiers. i know that i get painted with an unpatriotic brush for these posts but i read others that print the administrations views as if they are gospel. i just want people to think for themselves. i also find that alot of those posts are from people too old to be drafted or without children. remember that what shocked us in london just days ago the iraqi people put up with on a daily basis.

just some stuff for you to think about while you ride around on sunday


Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Just wanted you to know I am keeping an eye out on you and listening to your views. Some things I agree with and you know the rest. Miss hearing from you, hope you had a nice day.

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thanks for the nice comment suzie. you know i'm keeping an eye on you least until the court order goes into effect. btw please clean your bathroom window.hope you weathered the canes well