Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The hotter it gets the crazier people get

willie nelson is going to put out a reggae cd. now willie nelson is an aquired taste at best as is reggae. put them both together and i think it might sound something like someone beating a baby with a banjo while playing the bagpipes. what can willie possibly be thinking. are his hardnosed country fans really going to buy this cd? isnt he a little old to try and be a crossover star? i guess the irs really pounded him moneywise when he didnt pay his taxes. i really want to meet the record label exec who greenlighted this impending train wreck. dont be looking for this at the grammys anytime soon.

along the same line ringo is mad at sir paul for not having him drum at live 8. hey ringo, he and john dragged you into history in the 60's. how about you try to do something on your own now. ringo is, at best, an average drummer. a wind up monkey toy could have played drums just as well on any beatles album. hell, ringo played as if he was a wind up monkey drummer toy. hell, ringo LOOKS like a wind up monkey drummer toy. ringo, just be glad you were along for that ride all those years ago. you were the ugliest beatle, with the worst voice and the least amount of talent and you still got katherine bach in her prime. now shut up ringo.

god is back at it. in his "redemption and damnation tour 2005" of the red states he showed up this time in east chicago , indiana. seems city officials there had to turn off a street light in the name of public safety. seems this light drew over 250 people to see a shadow that some say resembles the image of jesus christ (or at least the image the catholic church wants you to think christ looked like). thats the best part of it. the image we all think of when we think of christ probably doesnt resemble him at all. i really wonder how many fair skinned white men with long flowing hair were running around the mid east at that time. the one thing i realize in his 2005 tour is that god really has a bad pr department. he would get much larger crowds with just a little advance press.

and finally, in a survey done by aol and salary.com american workers admit to wasting over 2 hours a day at work. personal internet use is the biggest culprit in this. let me assure you (though i'm sure you already know this) that i am well above average. most of my blog posts are done while i sit at work. i can post, get free coffee...etc. i wonder if i can work a raise out of this. it makes you proud to be an american.

its tuesday and a work day....start wasting time everyone


ccw said...

"beating a baby with a banjo while playing the bagpipes"

Thank you for providing me with my first morning laugh; I needed one.

Why am I not surprised that you are an above average time-waster at work? So, is Mr. S. The computer wouldn't be there if they didn't want you to use it, would it?

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

All with you......... except one paragraph! I am sure you are loved at work! (smiling)

P.S. Comments are welcome by you on my site...good or bad! come on baby! Miss hearing from you too!

Patsy Darling said...

Oh my god, too funny. It's getting so ridiculous that these old retarded has-beens are trying to put out stuff they have no freaking clue about just to try to make another buck. Give it up old stars of the past, step to the side and let others have a chance to steal money away from the hard working simple minded masses.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I feel like MS Pissed tonight! Nothing to do with you my dear, just an attitude wanting to be expressed somewhere!!