Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The prom story......for rachael

the year was 1979. supertramp was the big ALBUM and i was just cruising out the rest of my senior years in high school. i wasnt seeing anyone at the time which was just fine with me. see proms, basketball games....etc were just bullshit as far as i was concerned. in my school there were over five thousand students in four grades. the beautiful people ruled the school and i wasnt one of them. i had only five classes my senior yearwhich was wonderful and had this same hot chick in three of the classes which was both good and bad (you'll understand the bad later). well she and i struck up a friendship which was odd because she ran with the beautiful people and i was from the wrong side of the tracks. she had a boyfriend but he had gone away to college and hadnt called her all school year. she was bummed out about this so being the gentleman i am (and wanting into her pants in a very bad way) i asked her to the prom.........and she said yes. my buddies all knew i was in over my head but that didnt stop me. i went out and rented a tux. it was the seventies and disco was still big so of course the tux was powder blue with a a ruffled shirt and lapels that were about a foot wide. shut up....the blue matched her dress. so leading up to the prom we went on a couple of dates i had dinner at her house with her parents...etc. her father..or stepfather in this case was a career military man and as i ate dinner with them for the first time asked me if was considering the military after school. now i had hair that went half way down my back and a full beard and mustache so i didnt fit the military mold and i told him no. he and i struck up a friendship because i was the first guy she brought home who answered honestly. he and i talked that night over some beers while he cleaned his many handguns. he and i would occasionally go out and shoot his guns at the rifle range. this young lady was the first sexually agressive woman i had ever met. her mom had her on birth control pills since eighth grade, other guys had actually slept over, she had no curfew. as i look back it was pretty lax parenting but at the time they couldnt be cooler. one month before the prom the old boyfriend shows up from college and spends the weekend at her house and on monday she tells me that shes going to the prom with him. i wasnt pissed off about not going to the prom but i was pissed off about losing the money on the tux deposit and the tickets and generally being made to look like a jackass. oh well , nothing my burgeoning alcoholism couldnt erase from my memory. the downside is sitting in threee of my five classes with her every day. then, two weeks before the prom, she asks me one day if we can talk privately. seemd mr college decided that college girls might be more fun than her and called to say he was backing out on her AND would i care to still go to the prom with her. now i didnt have alot but i had my pride and i still had two tickets so i said yes. i confirmed that the dress was still the same color, set up a time to pick her up (pictures you know) and went about my daily routine with no intention of ever showing up on prom night. when prom night rolled around i was sitting in the woods drinking iron city beer and imagining how pisseed this young lady must be. of course a dozen beers will stop all that thought and they did their jobs that night.......and for the whole weekend. on the bus to school monday i explained to my buddy joe that this might turn ugly and i may have to dodge things or actually run for my life. oh it turned ugly. as i entered the school the phrase " YOU MOTHERFUCKER" echoed off of the walls. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. i dodged her for a short while but as you may remember she was in three of my five classes. to say they were uncomfortable would be a gross misunderstatement. her and her girlfriends sat in those rooms and stared at me everyday for three weeks but in the end guys and more than a few girls (and two teachers) congratulated me for standing up and maybe teaching her a lesson. i did get a call from her stepfather.......asking me to go shooting with him. i went and we had a good time. i did explain to him what had happened and he laughed and shook my hand. he was glad his spoiled little stepdaughter got what was coming to her. needless to say she wasnt so happy to see me at her door for the date with her father.

well, there you have it. one in a series of horrible high school stories. i hope you all get a laugh from it

hump day get humpin


ccw said...

That is wonderful, good for you!

I'm just sorry we don't have a picture of you in that blue tux.

One can only hope that she learned something from that night. Probably not then, but hopefully later on when she was older.

Grampapinhead said...

Man, that is one story that could not get better no matter how many times you told it.
You did send her a copy of that video of you an Paris Hilton, didn't you !

curmudgeon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
curmudgeon said...

Yes I removed it because I guess I can't type lefty.
Anyway, I said: Good job, I like your style!

As always... Rachael said...

I like seeing my name in a great big bold font! But I LOVED this story! OMG, you had me rolling.

You're a man of priciple, I dig that!

ERL said...

that's a great story!!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Sounds like you were quite the Stud!!

My prom.....our next door neighbor brought over my prom dress..... found in their tree, the next morning?? Ooops! Must have been drinking that same beer you had that night.

How do you remember all those details...with all the outfits, colors and stuff? That dress thing was all I remembered.

Betty said...

ha ha! great story. My highschool had only 1/4 of the people that your highschool had, but the same sort of things happened. Needless to say, I wasn't part of the "IN" crowd, which i'm glad.

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