Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No wonder the closet door squeeks.............

Detectives investigating attempted blackmail against state lawmaker

SPOKANE -- A state lawmaker from southwest Washington in Spokane for a legislative retreat last week may have done some socializing here that now has the attention of local detectives.
State Representative Richard Curtis (R-La Center) was in Spokane last week and reportedly had consensual sex with another man at a downtown hotel that later led to blackmail. However Curtis says there was no sex and he isn't gay. Now Spokane police are trying to determine if Rep. Curtis did in fact have a sexual encounter here that made him a target for extortion.
While most of the legislators attending the Spokane retreat stayed at the Red Lion Hotel it appears Richard Curtis ended up in a room here at the Davenport Tower. The new hotel has the latest in video surveillance equipment in its lobby and major crimes detectives executed two search warrants there hoping to review Curtis' activities in public areas of the building.
Investigators are also looking for a still unnamed man who was with the representative. The pair reportedly had consensual sex inside the hotel and later Curtis was threatened the liaison would not remain a secret unless he submitted to the extortion.
The alleged late night encounter is in sharp contrast to Curtis' political persona. While in Olympia Curtis has voted against domestic partnerships for gay couples and opposed a bill that would have outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation.
The Air Force veteran was also the co-sponsor of state legislation that would have barred protests within 500 feet of funerals.
It's still not clear who reported the attempted shakedown to Spokane police or if the two-term state representative is cooperating with investigators.
Late Monday The Columbian newspaper got a hold of Representative Curtis, who said that he did not solicit anyone for sex, that he is not gay and that he got into this mess just trying to help someone out.

he got into this mess just trying to help someone out? out of his ass maybe? or maybe hes just out ofhis mind. it must be hard to be a republican and have to put up a front of gay hating while secretly craving man ass.

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