Monday, October 15, 2007

Mate's testicle shot off by accident, court told

A CAR dealer who found a handgun in a caryard he bought accidentally shot his friend in the testicle while playing with the firearm, a court was told yesterday.
Both men then lied about the shooting to police, telling them it occurred during a robbery.
Mark Anthony Cheers, 39, pleaded guilty in Southport District Court yesterday to assault occasioning bodily harm while armed, possessing an unlicensed weapon and carrying dangerous goods in a vehicle.
The court was told Cheers found the gun in a business he had bought and twirled it around his finger while showing it to his friend, Phillip Marino.
The gun discharged, shooting Marino in the scrotum and groin. He lost 15 per cent of his right testicle, the court was told.
Cheers threw the gun in a canal but later recanted the robbery story and admitted he had shot his friend.
Judge Fleur Kingham sentenced Cheers to 200 hours' community service.
Outside court, Cheers' lawyer, Cameron Browne, said Marino had forgiven Cheers.
"One of the most pleasing aspects of this case is that prior to today, the complainant contacted my client and said he still wished to have a beer with him after all this was over," Mr Browne said.
"That in itself is a significant testament to the fact that this offence was extremely out of character for my client, and one he sincerely regrets."

wow, what a friend. remember people, guns dont kill people...they shoot off their testicles. and might i say that this a great friend if he will still, talk to you after that little stunt. i can just imagine the conversation years from now.....

marino: hey dude, remember when i shortsheeted your bed at camp
cheers: yeah. hey, remember when i shot your balls off? pants fit better dont they?

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