Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Actor Doesn't Want Zoo to Build Exhibit

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Robert Culp's lawsuit alleging that the Los Angeles Zoo mistreats elephants can go forward.
Judge Reginald A. Dunn has rejected arguments by the city that the complaint filed by the 77-year-old actor and real estate agent Aaron Leider lacks a legal basis.
Culp and Leider want to stop the zoo from building a $40 million elephant exhibit. They accuse zoo authorities of withholding medical care from elephants and keeping them cramped in small places, and don't want the zoo to keep any elephants.
Lawyers for the city argued Monday that the pair's complaint was political, not legal, but the judge rejected that argument and refused to dismiss the lawsuit.
Culp starred in the '60s TV series "I Spy" and the 1969 film, "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice."

CULP: you treat them poorly.

ZOO: thats why we are building a new enclosure

CULP: not good enough. you should leave them in the wild where they will be safe and......whats that...poachers killed the last elephant. sorry to bother you

ZOO: yeah, the elephants thank you for your help

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Gina said...

lol...see what happens when you get into four-somes....your brain to stick with traditional threesomes.