Friday, October 19, 2007

Canadian ferry crews warned against smoking pot

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Ferry crews on Canada's West Coast who work under the influence of marijuana endanger the lives of passengers, safety officials said on Wednesday, in response to allegations of cannabis smoking on board one of the ships.
Canada's Transportation Safety Board issued a warning note to BC Ferries Corp after the board said it had learned that that several crew members of the ferry Queen of the North, which sank last year after running into island, "regularly smoked cannabis between shifts, both on board and off the vessel".
The federal agency said it heard the allegations of marijuana use while investigating the sinking, but said there was no evidence that the bridge crew of the Queen of the North was under the influence of cannabis at the time of the accident on March 22, 2006.
The board, which has not yet released its report on the cause of the sinking, which killed two people, did not say from whom it heard the allegations of marijuana use, but its investigation has included interviews with all crew members.
"Ferry crews whose performance is impaired by cannabis are a clear risk to the travelling public," chairwoman Wendy Tadros said in a statement.
The board said it wanted BC Ferries, the British Columbia government-owned ferry service, to find out the extent of marijuana use on other ships in its fleet, and to review its policies on drugs and alcohol use. BC Ferries has not commented on the board's report.
The safety board said it would be monitoring the ferry service's actions on drug use, but did not say it planned any disciplinary action against either the company or crew members who might have used marijuana.

and thats why i quit working at the post office.......


Anonymous said...

Little do these stupid governments know (most of them went to crack and still never smoked weed; therefore, knowing nothing about it) that pot only affects people who can't handle it (like people who have an allergic reaction to peanuts) you can never let them near it let alone drive on it, for sure. But for the most part, people who can handle it will drive better, or work better than anyone else around, but again there are always exceptions to the rule, and there is a time definitely where you can have inhaled too much just like you drink too much, the key is moderation not blood testing people, because weed will stay in your system for up to 6 months, so i don't know how they could discern the day before from that day, because even people can fall asleep and still ahve a high blood alcohol level but may not even feel or be drunk at all. Look at Ross Rebagliatti, nobody has any idea when he puffed a couple puffs on a joint, and you'd think by the way the governments act that there's no way he should've won the gold medal (taken away or not he's the gold medal winner, its not like he was using a performance enhancing drug, because the government tells us all the time how we can't function at all smoking weed and aren't safe to drive enough to take your licence away) but he did. Its all these people who don't smoke weed, never smoked it, think its a drug like crack that are making things so difficult for pot smokers (which are far less harmful than Alcohol drinkers) because these people lack the education of personal experience with weed to even know. Or you get people who had allergic reactions to it, or the one time they tried pot it was laced with acid, they'll say they hallucinate on it. I'm telling you right now if you're goin out to buy weed to hallucinate (even tho its a hallucinagen, i still don't see how) then you're wasting your money, it'll never happen.

THis whole BC Ferries thing, BC Ferries have been poorly run for so long, and now that they fucked up they're trying to find a scape goat, and what easier scape goat than to go after a crew that most surely smokes pot like almost any crew for any job throughout British Columbia (as CNN said a few years ago "Vancouver rated #1 place to smoke pot over New Amsterdam" and even if they were all high on weed, i guarantee you that wasn't the cause of the accident. Its most likely the BC Ferries aging fleet (which was mainly to do with government mis-spending on the fastcats ferry's that i can see from my house almost, billions upon billions rusting for 10 years) most ships are over 25-30 years old, the newest ones are about 10-15 years old and still have the very same arcade games for the very same price as they were when they opened.

Stop trying to find a scape goat government and take responsibility for your fuck up, the BC Ferries corporation (The one you sold to a private investor or whatever, he's only had it for the last 5-10 years anyways and the people need it, that or build a bridge already, cuz you can't strand people on an island, its bad enough the fares are 25 dollars canadian just for walking on an old piece of shit boat, and if you have a piece of shit car you can barely afford you get to pay another 25 dollars, and when you come home its another 50, don't forget if you're a family or going over with friends its 25 dolalrs for each individual person even tho you are coming in one individual car. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

adelen said...

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