Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another bad liar..............

Floor polish allergy led to shooting, court told

A man who pleaded guilty to shooting another has told a court he blames a severe allergic reaction to floor polish for a downward spiral in his life.
The Supreme Court in Adelaide has heard that Marco Battello, 43, shot a man three times with a pistol, in May last year.
The court heard he was jealous when he saw another man taking an interest in a woman he liked.
Battello drunkenly argued with the pair at a hotel, then went home.
The court also heard he changed his clothes at home in an attempt to disguise himself.
Some hours later, Battello went to a Kilburn address and shot the 40-year-old victim in the leg three times with a pistol.
Battello's lawyer said his client had led a stable life until he started installing floors in 1994.
Battello reacted adversely to the chemicals he used.
He suffered dermatitis and asthma and his former wife says he used to get angry and confused.
The court heard Battello was now allergic to many chemicals, as well as perfume and fly spray.
Battello will be sentenced later.

is this really the best thing you could come up with. you couldnt think of a better lie. this is the reason i dont like to do things around my house. i might kill everyone

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