Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I know karate...........

Panda bites scavenger in Beijing Zoo

A PANDA bit a scavenger on his legs yesterday at the Beijing Zoo after the boy broke into the panda's habitat, Beijing media reported today.The incident happened around 1pm at the zoo in Xicheng District. An official from the zoo said a boy climbed into the park without buying a ticket and then jumped into the panda habitat, the report said. Media reports had conflicting account of his age, which is either 12 or 15. A witness surnamed Wang said the boy stayed outside the railings and shouted toward the pandas at first."He shouted 'I'm not afraid of a panda, I know karate,'" Wang said. "And then he sat on the cement platform inside the railings and jumped into the habitat."Wang said the boy used a bamboo stick to tease the male panda "Gugu," so the panda was enraged and rushed at the boy."The panda even followed him onto a slide and then bit him on the legs," Wang said."The boy cried for help and a foreign tourist threw a bottle of drinking water towards the panda, which scared it off," Wang said.An official in charge of the panda hall then persuaded the panda into its cage and rescued the boy, Wang said.Officials and police soon called an ambulance to send the boy, who was trembling and crying, to hospital, the report said. Doctors said his wound was very deep and the bone was exposed. He underwent surgery at Beijing Children's Hospital but doctors refused to reveal more details, the report said. The boy, named Li Xitao from Hebei Province, makes a living by collecting garbage in Beijing, the reports said.Eight-year-old "Gugu" is 180 centimeters tall and weighs 110 kilograms. He moved to Beijing in October, 2004 from Sichuan."Gugu" bit a male tourist on his right leg on September 19, 2006, because he jumped into its habitat and disrupted it, the report said.The man received surgery and recovered, the report said.

i've taken karate for the last two years................i wouldnt fight a bear. i guess the bear had a higher ranking belt than this dipshit. one thing karate should teach you is humility.

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