Friday, October 26, 2007

He was almost baptized............

Good name at stake in trial
A pastor faces a parishioner's salacious allegations.

NEW PORT RICHEY -- They are allegations that could bring ruin to a man of God.
Last summer a male parishioner said he awoke to find his Baptist minister had partially undressed him, straddled his naked lap and kissed him on the chest.
The parishioner went to the Sheriff's Office. Detectives had him confront Ronald Smart over the phone -- a recording that was played for the jury Tuesday at the pastor's trial for misdemeanor battery.
"Why did you even do this to me?" the parishioner said.
The leader of Union Missionary Baptist Church offered nothing save calm words.
"If you want to sit down and talk I will, but for me I have to move on, man," Smart said. "I just have to move on. ... I prayed about things, about you, about my family and friends, I prayed over things. I have to move on."

"Did you think it was right to just touch me like that?" the parishioner said. "Does (the pastor's wife) Cheryl know about this?"
"Whatever transpired, if I had an accommodation with you or shared something with you," Smart said, "those things I shared with someone as an equal. ..."

a man of god who preaches against homosexuals and homosexuality touching another person in a homosexual way...........why, who would of heard of such a thing.

oh yeah..........everybody.............

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