Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave? Vatican TV director says yes

This fiery figure is being hailed as Pope John Paul II making an appearance beyond the grave.
The image, said by believers to show the Holy Father with his right hand raised in blessing, was spotted during a ceremony in Poland to mark the second anniversary of his death.
Details appeared on the Vatican News Service, a TV station in Rome which specialises in religious news broadcasts.
Service director Jarek Cielecki, a Polish priest and close friend of John Paul II, travelled to Poland after hearing an onlooker had photographed the image.
Father Cielecki said he was convinced the picture showed the former pontiff.
"You can see the image of a person in the flames and I think it is the servant of God, Pope John Paul II," he said.
The pictures were being broadcast continuously on Italian TV and also posted on religious websites, some of which crashed as thousands logged on to see for themselves the eerie figure formed by the flames.
The bonfire was lit during a service at Beskid Zywiecki, close to John Paul's birthplace at Katowice, southern Poland, on April 2 - the second anniversary of his death.
Hundreds had attended the ceremony. Gregorz Lukasik, the Polish man who took the photographs, said: "It was only afterwards when I got home and looked at the pictures that I realised I had something.
"I showed them to my brother and sister and they, like me, were convinced the flames had formed the image of Pope John Paul II.
"I was so happy with the picture that I showed it to our local bishop who said that Pope John Paul had made many pilgrimages during his life and he was still making them in death."
can this really be put out from the people who condem harry potter? the dead pope? i thouht it was grimace from mcdonalds calling from the grave. needless to say if this is all pope john paul can do then hes definitely not a saint. i would expect more from someone so favored.


Judith said...

When I was reading the first few paragraphs I thought Yeah arent the sky pilots all hell and brimstone about theorising about messages beyond the grave- The rothweiller -succescor to JP will be a lot scarier and pissed if he came back

BAC said...

I believe it is Pope John from his grave in hell! Warning Catholics everyehere to leave the catholic church.

shoes said...

hae i mentioned i love you guys.....