Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy independence day.....i think............

well its that time of year again. the time we think about what the founders of this country risked when starting it. about what they were thinking when they decided what would go into the bill of rights. about.......oh screw it, you know your just going to get drunk for four days and blow up a small part of this proud country. why should i think that anyone cares about whats really important in this country anymore? the war is going horribly, every politician is either convicted or idicted, gas is going through the roof....etc. what are our representitives in washington doing? digging to the root of the problem? setting up checks and balances so it cant happen again? no, we are worrying about flag burning and gays marrying. these issues are ,what is known as , a smokescreen. they are used to hide the important issues. the war going bad with no end in sight? blame gay marriage. sure the war is bad but if we dont take care of this gay problem right now the gays will be in our bedroom molesting our children. what bothers me the most at this time of year is that when you bring this up someone will label you as unamerican. someone will tell me that if i dont agree with this deceitful administration that i can leave this country. its usually followed up by refering to me as a terrorist or commie. thats the problem. nobody wants to discuss the important topics. its either agree with me or get out. this isnt what the founders of this country envisioned. this country was based on dissent. hell, without dissent there wouldnt even be this country. we would be england.

so in conclusion remember that the politicians ,that are paid with your tax dollars, are keeping you safe from flag burning, gas wasting, gays. sleep better everyone.

have fun everyone this weekend. be safe, dont drink and drive, wear your seatbelt, use sunscreen....etc. its a long weekend.........pace yourselves.

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As always... Rachael said...

Where are you?? You didn'tblow your fingers off with an M-80, did you?

You are 100% right about everything. People seem to forget that it is our RESPONSIBILITY to question our government. It is the most american thing a citizen can do!