Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hi, remember me..........

i'll be your host for this post. sorry , i felt i needed to take some time off from this blog. my head is just reeling with everything going on in the world today. i cant decide whats more important right now....

1. world war three starting in the mid east
2. stopping stem cell research
3. allowing gays to have rights
4. the rapture

well lets just jump in with both feet. first, it just shows how screwed up the world is right now when israel is mad at hezzbolah, which is funded by syria and iran , and it makes sense to me that they are blowing up lebanon even as we speak. the longer this all goes on the better nuking them all and starting over sounds. wasnt one of the byproducts of the war in iraq going to be lower gas prices. when does it become time to go after the guys that are really the bad ones. why dont we blow up iran and syria and tell the rest of the ragheads to shut up or their next. when are we going to learn to drill sideways so we can suck the oil out from under them and take away their trump card. in what well run universe would the nuttiest people be given a lock on the most important substance in the world. god mad a mistake here.

second, thank god we arent allowing stem cell research. who the hell would want a cure to diseases that have plagued mankind forever. you know the pharmacuetical companies dont want cures found and i guess god doesnt want them found either because he talks to our president and he vetoed it. hes worried that they may find the cure for stupidity and he will be cured. watching senator brownback explain why it shouldnt be allowed is like hearing my daughter discuss jet propulsion .....without the good logic that is. please , can we just stop religion from taking over our government. if they promise not to bring up god while making decisions i promise not to go think in their church. deal?

third, these would be the big stories if it wasnt for those pesky gays wanting their rights that they were promised in the constitution. i can understand the founding fathers not wanting to give rights to brown people or , god forbid, women but why discriminate against the gays. the didnt work in the fields. they didnt have to raise the kids. whats the big deal? i'll tell you what the big deal is. if you give gays their rights then everyone will want them......and we just cant have that....can we? thank god our legislators are wise enough to put things like the war going poorly, gas prices going through the roof, the stock market dropping like a stone..etc. until these pesky gays are put in their place.

which brings us to the final thing ........THE RAPTURE. its happening kids. look around. tsunamis, earthquakes, heat waves, hurricanes, bush in the white, strike that one. well you see my point. everything points to god being pissed. lets look a little more closely at this. why did god give the oil to the caziest people, why did he make gays, what kind of well run universe is this? these are questions that we need answered. i used to think that god is delegating too much. in the old testament he was always kicking ass. he doesnt come around anymore. we are like a toy he got tired of playing with. back in the day a country like iran would give good god fearing christians and jews the willies and next thing you knew and brimstone. problem solved. where is that today? maybe god has outsourced his work to india. you have to admit that explains alot. is it too farfetched to believe that the people who are fucking up dells help desk could be fucking up the universe.

oh well, i'm just glad to be back. leave a comment, let me know your still reading. enjoy your weekend everyone. i wont be posting friday because i'll be golfing.


Slade said...

LOVE it!

Blade90 said...

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the time off.

curmudgeon said...

Ahhh, you're gettin' soft. Blaming rag heads for all the world's ills.

I thought Bush was to blame for global warming, tsunamis, heat waves, the clap, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, AIDS, cold sores, diarrhea, and even me bumping my head on the open cabinet door?

shoes said...

bush is a cunt and should be blamed for alot.......i'll be getting to him

BAC said...

I was truly worried about you! Great to have you back. Incidentally I'm scheduled to go in The Rapture.