Thursday, June 08, 2006

ann coulter.....a true republican.............

i dont think there is any question about ann coulter anymore. shes a piece of shit. see she wrote a book and in it she explained how horrible the wives and families of those killed on 9-11 are. she said she had never seen a groupf women enjoy their husbands death so much. see ann hates liberals. she thinks that everyone should just accept what this administration is doing and if you complain or question them .........your a liberal. these wives in new york seem to question the reports the government has done on 9-11. they seem to think that theres more to it than our government is letting on. they may be right. ann has nothing better to do than bad mouth these people who lost husbands and wives, who had to explain to children that mommy or daddy wouldnt be coming home from work. who of us can ever imagine what that must be like. heres to hoping that someone force feeds ann coulter a shit sandwich.

its thursday kids and i'm leaning heavy on the end of the week.

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Ex President Clinton said...

Deep down, I have a crush on Ann.
She just makes me...OOOhhhhh!!!!!