Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things i'd like to see.........

....the gulf coast dried out and the rebuilding started for those poor people
....more politcians put on trial for fleecing america's not getting huge golden parachutes to run companies into the ground
....all our boys out of iraq
....the word akimbo used more often
....barry bonds blow out his knee, then blow out his other knee, then grow a third knee and blow that out too
....congress worried about things that are important and less about steroids in sports hitting the lottery
....people just giving their time and money to help others instead of giving it to some bullshit religion
....senior citizens having to take their drivers test yearly
....term limits for all politicians
....a special wing at a federal penetentiary for priests that molest
....letting people vote for their politicians raises individually (you get a raise when i think you deserve one) that run on sea water
feel free to add whatever you think would be good.

my nine year old son wanted to take karate lessons. after watching him i thought i would like to do it too. needless to say i'm in pain. my body is not a shrine to physical fitness (more of a shrine to beer) and those workouts are tough. if i live through the first couple of classes i'll be fine....if i live.

one more day and we hit the weekend


Blade90 said...

Akimbo is one of my favorite words, like "arms akimbo". I think its time to change the President's term to a one year 5-6 year term, and that's it. That way, they are in and out and not worried about reelection. We have had a couple of successful one term Presidents (Polk & Hayes) but, that 2nd term always seems to bite the President in the ass, (Clinton & Reagan) If this was the case, the Bush reign would be almost over. John McCain anyone?

Also, McDonald's needs to bring back the McRib.

shoes said...

i never had a mcrib. the picture looked so bad it turned me off

ccw said...

Akimbo, I will start working that in to my blog and conversations.

Your list is great. Try not to kill yourself in karate. However, if you do remember that you can get one of those fancy scooters for not even one red cent! (do you have that awful commerical there?)

The Urban Bitch said...

Giving a raise to politicians only when they deserve it is a geat idea. Our taxes pay their salary, so we should decide how much they get.

The Urban Bitch said...

Oh I forgot to write what I want to see: I want people who drive SUVs and other polluting types of cars to pay for the clean-up of the environment.

Patsy Darling said...

Perhaps with your karate lessons you will be skilled enough to kick Barry Bonds in the knee and blow it out with your brute strength. Or you can smack him in the back of the knee with a pipe like that whole nancy Kerrigan thing.

As always... Rachael said...

whree the hell did my commetn go??