Friday, September 23, 2005

Football friday, week 2.........

how bout them steelers. a second week of kicking ass. lets start with the fact that week ones ass kickin off the titans looks a little better after they put the lumber to baltimore in week two. the texans looked just as confused, if not more, than they did in week one. david carr might have just been ruined by how the texans have used him. hes so gun shy after being beaten up for two years. carr just kept running out of bounds, he didnt even throw the ball away. lets give out some grades...

defense A....the line was controlled by the steelers. troy polamalu was running his own stunts and had three sacks and numerous hurries. the d had eight sacks overall. the poor texans looked helpless. it was never in doubt after the steelers recovered a fumble on the texans second possesion

offense A....big ben looks better every week. he looks composed and even when hes flushed from the pocket hes looking for an open receiver downfield. fat willy parker looks like a steal. what was north carolina thinking that this guy didnt start there. bettis and staley can rest up and get healthy but will be backups as long as willy keeps running wild. hines ward is back to mid-season form and the rest of the receivers are doing fine. the line controlled the texans in every way.

special teams B.....the steelers didnt have to punt often but almost had one blocked. reed has made 21 straight field goals....a new steeler record. its only a matter of time before a punt is broken and the kick coverage teams have been great so far.

this week is going to be a little stiffer competition. the patriots arent what they were but are still a formidable team. they really miss the two teds on defense and their running game is in the toilet. dillon only has 99 yards rushing so far and brady doesnt want to throw 45 times a game. not having ty law isnt helping them either. i think this game works out just like the others. look for the steelers to test their d by running...early and often. if the running game is going good it will open things up for ben and the steelers can grab an early lead. this game might be over by half time. this will be a test of belicheks defensive prowess. they need to shut down the steelers offense to have a chance.

well its friday, lets tip some beers and see where it leads.

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Blade90 said...

This game is a must win for the Pats. They do not want to go 1-2 on the year with every team coming after them every week. The Steelers have complete control over this game and the pressure is all on NE. Also, so far, Pitt looks like they have the edge in the division. Only Cincy looks like they will keep pace (somewhat). My Redskins can rest this week and continue to savor that Monday Night Classic Win.