Monday, September 26, 2005

Rainy days and mondays...............

three lawsuits have been filed against the roman catholic diocese of pueblo in colorado. this follows on the heels of nine lawsuits against the archdocese of denver. these lawsuits are all asking in the range of 10 million dollars. my thought.....good. make them sell some of their buildings. lets be honest they get them tax free. it will do these cities good to get them back on the taxable ledger. i wish pittsburgh would do the same thing. i guess this is what happens when you make up rules in the 15th century and dont ever change them. god doesnt care that a priest is married the church made that rule in the 15th century so that bishops couldnt just pass the job down to their sons. in this day and age what normal man wants to give up his sex life? men who think that joining the priesthood will help them with their want of young children. it doesnt and moreover it cant. but god forbid that the catholics put a pope in whos a little forward thinking. lets just keep putting dinosaurs in as pope and nothing will ever change. i hope every one of these people win their lawsuits.

on another note the u.s. government has told a texas court that pope bendict should be given immunity from a lawsuit accusing him of conspiring to cover up the sexual molestation of three boys by a seminarian. assistant u.s. attorney general peter keisler said in a filing that as pope, benedict enjoys immunity as the head of a state....the vatican and that allowing the lawsuit to go forward would be "incompatible with the united states foreign policy interests". first off dont refer to it as ENJOYING immunity because i guarantee those young boys didnt enjoy the molestation. it just shows that religion is a little too intertwined with our government. this administration would hate to lose the religious fundamentalist vote.

in the islamic version of the christian right nigerian islamic judges have ordered that a teenager from niger have his hand cut off for stealling a scooter. the teenager was convicted under sharia law (islamic fundamentalism). he has thirty days to appeal. how barbaric but who doesnt believe that pat robertson thinks this should happen to the penises of gay men?

its monday...start questioning all authority.


curmudgeon said...

It should at least happen to rapists.

As always... Rachael said...

Gay men, no. Child molestors, sure.

Benedict? I though we renamed him!! Anyway, talk about a church and state clusterfuck!!

Next time my agnostic, yet religiously catholic father gets in my face about being a bleeding heart liberal (which I'm NOT - he just says that because I didn't vote for Bush), I'm gonna to tell him that at least 10% of my income doesn't go to a charity called "save the baby rapers."

That outta get me kicked out of the will!