Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stupid politicians and stupid............

in another proud moment in pennsylvania politics rick santorum, a republican senator that is being groomed for the presidency, was named as one of the 13 MOST CORRUPT members of congress by the watchdog group citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. why has rick won this distinction? the senator encountered controversy over disclosures the pennsylvania taxpayers paid for his childrens schooling while they lived in virginia. santorum maintained that he did nothing wrong, and has since pulled his children out of the school. maintained he did nothing wrong? i maintain he never thought he would be caught. isnt he the one that preaches that moms should stay home with the kids? well rick my wife would if we could get the taxpayers pay for my kids private school. lets vote this guy in and let rick and his wife get on with their lifes work.

senators jim talent of missouri and diane feinstein of california co-sponsored a bill that would make a law that would require that cold medications containing pseudoephrine, a decongestant that is the primary ingredient in meth, to be kept behind the pharmacists counter. it would require purchasers to show a photo id, sign for the drug,and be limited to how much they can buy in a 30 day period. the limit would be enforced by computer tracking via a data base linking all stores that sell drugs like sudafed and nyquil. thus making it harder to buy cold medicine for your familiy that it is to get crystal meth. congrats congress, we should vote all these schmucks out.

dont think congress has a lock on stupidity. christianity has to get its name in there. shay clark has been expelled from the ontario christian school. why? shes a satanist? no. she killed someone? no. she cheated on tests and smoked in the girls room? no. its because her parents are lesbians. the family did not meet the admission policies, which require that at least one parent did not engage in practises "immoral or inconsistent with a positive christian lifestyle, such as cohabitating without marriage or in a homosexual relationship". its not like her parents are juhnny come latelys to the whole lesbian thing....they have been together for 22 years. i'll bet shay would still be in if the parents would have made a large donation or built a new gym. believe me folks, your child is better off without all the brainwashing.

hump day everyone. what an odd name for a day when almost nobody humps.


ccw said...

I know WV has that meth law already and it certainly hasn't curbed the state's meths problems.

Those parents should be thrilled that their daughter cannot attend that school.

Natalia said...

I do say "People are stupid..." at least once a day.


As always... Rachael said...

Everything you say makes me mad at the world... the only reason I come back every day is because of the way you tell it! Love you Shoes!

The Urban Bitch said...

Every government in the world is corrupt. It's the game of politics.
As for the crustal meth, don't they have anything better to do? Legislating over-the-counter drugs won't stop illegal drugs.