Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A rare 2nd post of the day.........

do you know dr. ben marble? bet you dont. but you should. see he lives in gulfport mississippi. his home got hit pretty good by hurricane katrina....not as bad as some others, but pretty bad. hes no charity case and doesnt want donations. he says if you care to donate than give to the salvation army or red cross. so why should you know this man? because he told cheney to go fuck himself. not once.....TWICE. so to steal a line from the beatles
so let me introduce to you
the act you've known for all these years
dr. ben marble

check him out at www.hurricanekatrinasucked.com

great video taken while he tells cheney to go fuck himself


BAC said...

The correct address is:


halcyon67 said...

That is so hard core, and awesome. We need more rich people who do not give to the Bush-Cheney enigma.

That is so cool. I will have to post this on my blog.


halcyon67 said...

Hey it is Sam again...I put this up on one of the blogs I write for:


(if you type in blogpsot.com for the ending you get a bible studies site).

halcyon67 said...

Oh yea, sorry, I go to school in Central PA (York County) and there are these soda people. They make fun of me because I say, "pop." Maybe I don't want to sound like George W. Bush and say, "soda."

Sorry. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the support everyone