Friday, September 09, 2005

My mind got to wanderin..........

ok, now is their anyone left in the u.s. that thinks that our government could protect us in the case of a terrorist attack? when the president says he will make sure we are protected do you still believe him? does anyone think this administration is capable of handling any major catastrophe? well i for one dont. this administration has shown that unless it is donr to them they really dont care about americans and that fema is the single worst thing next to the patriot act. look, i understand that one of the perks of being elected is to get cushy jobs for all your friends but shouldnt they actually have some understanding of their job. notice that the head of fema haasnt been on the t.v. for a couple of days now since it has been shown he cant do his job and that he was never qualified to do it in the first place (of course the last part really isnt that much of a factor...we did elect dubya). so all the southern states (ie: red states) were let down by the man they voted in. thats right deep voted him in and he let you down. remember that next election.

a couple of broadcast notes:
1. howard stern is playing a tape of rush limbaugh refering to the mayor of new orleans as mayor nigger. he calles him mayor nagor and then immediately says nagin. no mistakes here kids. thats a nod to all the good ole boys that listen to him.
2. on the daily show we get to see some footage that the networks edit. please dont tell me the networks are liberal or we would see different footage. the footage shows cheney holding a little press conference in the middle of some blown away town and as the reporters are asking him questions and someone from the crowd says "go fuck yourself mr cheney". thats right...go fuck yourself mr cheney. not once but twice. the reporter asks cheney if he has heard that alot and cheney says its the first time hes heard it. you should start listening better mr cheney. i know alot of people who say it daily.

well thats my thoughts for friday, now enjoy the weekend.


SillyGirl said...

Great Blog. You have got to be the funniest pissed off guy in the world.

Patsy Darling said...

that is so classic that someone told Dick to go fuck himself. I wish it was me, that's all I can say.

As always... Rachael said...

No - I'm not sure our governemtn is qualified to wash my fucking car... let alone protect me from terrorists and help me out if my ass gets slammed by a hurricane.

What's color is the terror alert right now... and who cares? What an arbitrary "warning" system!

Michael K said...

I wish I would've told him to go fuck himself! That's an honor!

Anonymous said...

well glad u people appreciated what I said
Ben Marble, M.D.