Thursday, September 13, 2007

Officially we have gone over the edge....

To some University of Oklahoma football fans, there are things that just aren't done in the heart of Sooner Nation, and one of them is to walk into a bar wearing a Texas Longhorns T-shirt.

That's exactly what touched off a bloody skirmish that left a University of Texas fan nearly castrated and an Oklahoma fan facing aggravated assault charges that could put him in prison for up to five years.

Police say Brian Christopher Thomas, 32, walked into Henry Hudson's Pub on June 17 wearing a Longhorns T-shirt and quickly became the focus of football trash talk from another regular, Sooners fan Allen Michael Beckett, 53.
Thomas told police that when he went to the bar to pay his tab, Beckett grabbed him in the crotch, pulled him to the ground and wouldn't let go, even as other bar patrons tried to break it up.
It took more than 60 stitches to close the wound, and police interviewed Thomas at a nearby hospital.

Beckett's attorney, Billy Bock, concedes that his client commented about Thomas' shirt but said that it was just good-natured ribbing and that he apologized to Thomas when it appeared to upset the Texas fan. Later, Bock said, Thomas approached his client at the bar and threatened him.
Thomas' attorney disputes Beckett's version. "That's total malarkey," Hughes said. "My client never said a word to him. He got up to pay and when he paid and left a tip, the guy grabbed him."
Beckett, a church deacon, federal auditor and former Army combat veteran, has pleaded not guilty.

all this over a football rivalry. nobody desreves to have the testicles pulled off because of the shirt they wear. on the other hand maybe it isnt a good idea to walk into the redneck bar wearing the shirt of the hated rival. i wonder if mr. thomas is now rethinking how his right to wear that shirt balances out with his rights to wear his balls.
the best part was that people are calling talk shows in the area and saying he desreved what he got.

as for mr. beckett, i'm sure his church is proud of him. my first thought is actually that before he hands out the body of christ i hope he washed his dont want those tasting like balls. it reminds of the bible story wear jesus was hanging out and someone walked in with a allah t-shirt on. well he went crazy and ripped off his nutsack so i guess a precident had been set.

good luck oklahoma, your now as crazy as texas

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