Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another george bush jr?..........

Speaking at the NRA yesterday, Rudy Giuliani said that the MoveOn ad smearing General Petraeus "passed a line that we should not allow American political organizations to pass":
Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or you don't; whether you agree with the surge or you don't; Democrats even came back from Iraq and said that he's having more success than anybody had thought.
So to attack the man's integrity, and honesty, and decency, is in my view indecent. It passed a line that we should not allow American political organizations to pass.
This statement (which his campaign declined to disavow) echoes Giuliani's little-noticed statement to Sean Hannity that criticism of Petraues "should not be allowed":
This is being done purely for political campaign strategy. It's a calculated political campaign strategy. You should not be allowed to malign someone's reputation unfairly just because you think it's good for your campaign.
As I wrote before, Giuliani's ugly history on free speech issues makes this rhetoric especially troubling. He owes voters an explanation.

he is famous for doing what a mayor should have done. i think hes scary and dont like the thought that he could be at the controls. sure he made new york livable by throwing the homeless out of town but i think he would find alot of americans not to his me. this si a man who doesnt like the constitution. the bill of rights are just a vague guideline to this man. this country was based on free speech and the fact that moveon .org is questioning the war isnt bad. what is bad was when the republicans went after max cleeland and compared him to bin laden (if you dont know max cleeland he lost his legs in the vietnam war). see going after a war hero is ok with rudy but going after this war isnt.

this is a bad man......

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