Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cheerleading Academy Owner Arrested in Sex Probe

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A cheerleading school owner has been arrested for investigation of having sex with an underage student.
Neil A. Finger, 28, owner of the Vancouver Cheer Academy, was arrested late Tuesday for investigation of sexual misconduct with a minor, a Class C felony, but was released after posting $10,000 bond, police and Clark County officials said.
On Wednesday, county Superior Court Judge Robert L. Harris set arraignment for Oct. 9 and barred Finger from having any contact with minors. Finger said his staff could keep the academy open, but he added that he might close it.
Operating in leased space in a business park, the academy offers cheerleading classes for competitions from the local to the national levels, as well as private lessons, tumbling classes, a gymnasium open to the public and a "parents night out" for children ages 5 to 18, according to an article in The Columbian newspaper in April 2006.
According to an affidavit filed by prosecutors, a 17-year-old girl told Cindy Bull, an investigator from the Child Abuse Intervention Center, that the two had sex at Finger's apartment. "Each time he told her not to tell because he would get in trouble," Bull wrote.
The girl's mother read about the matter in her daughter's diary, Bull wrote.

hold on here...can this be true? a 28 year old guy opening a cheerleader academy so he can hit on little girls? who could imagine such a thing? well i can and thats why i would never send my daughter to a school like that run by a guy. what were those parents thinking? apparently they were wanting some free time away from the kid, well congrats, you got it. he thinks he may have to close the business? i hope his death shuts it down.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Sir, but you have it mistaken. Neil would never open a gym to be around minors... He would never spend 17 years of his life coaching to one day have an accusation such as this. Neil has the up-most respect for his position as a coach, and would never break a trust he has built over time with his Students and their parents. It's honestly heart breaking that you would avoid heterosexual male coaching. Neil is the best Coach I have ever had and I have been cheering for a long, long time. Your daughter would be missing out on a gread coahc... it's sad that you let local media make your judgements for you, when you know that all they are looking for is the next scare tactice to get you to watch and read their programming... These are only accusations made girl... who knows she's young ... maybe these are just fantacies of her's that she played out and wrote out in her diary... or what if she was not good enought to make on of his cheerleading teams, so she made up a lie because she knew that her mother reads her diary... and all of this attention is to spite him for not letting her on one of his teams... Honestly though... Neil is my coach and I and the rest of my team will stand by him... you'll see, when this is all resolved that his good name was trampled. He is a very respectable man... this is not his style. He is around beutiful women all the time, why would he choose now of all time's to destroy his great reputation in the cheerleading industry... oh... that's right he wouldn't. I am not bashing your opinions... I would just appreciate if you did'nt make 3rd person remarks... because you don't know the man, so you have yet to make and honest judgement.

shoes said...

read the story, hesa guilty as sin. i can only hope he does the right thing and kills himself saving the county from the cost of prosecuting him and that girl from getting on the stand

Anonymous said...

He did it and a couple others as well, he admitted it at a bar when he was drunk and on molly would a girl randomly write that in a PERSONAL diary that no one would read?