Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now this is how you do it............

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The body of a 41-year-old man was found in a wooded area next to a guillotine he built and used to kill himself, police said.
The man, from the Detroit suburb of Melvindale, was discovered Monday by workers from a shopping center near his home.
Groundskeeper from the Fairlane Green shopping center at Outer and Fairlane drive discovered the body shortly before 11 a.m. Monday.
Allen Park Deputy Police Chief Dale Covert said the roughly six-foot tall guillotine was bolted to a tree and included a swing arm. Covert said police also found several store receipts detailing the materials used to assemble the device.
"I can't even tell you how long it must have taken him to construct," he said. "This man obviously was very determined to end his life."
According to investigators, the man had to make several trips to carry the wooden and metal parts to the area in the woods.
Covert said the man lived within walking distance of the spot where he died.
Police said the man, whose identity police have not released, had been dead for two days.

i'm tired of reading stories about americans being lazy, about americans not having drive anymore. this man had a plan and implimented it. he had a desire and and the will to see it through to the end. thats alot of "want to" folks. god bless america and our "can do" attitude.

on the other hand , how bad is your life whaen you put a plan this elaborate into action. at the very least he could have left a note and explained why he did this. a note always allows you to fuck up someone elses life while ending your own.

if your going to take yourself out then take a page from this guy. he didnt do it in public. he didnt leave a mess to clean up. he didnt kill anyone else while he did it. hes a class act.


Tim Kurek said...

There's something to be said for the common sense you put into your blogs. I appreciate your humor and your non-PC attitude. People live and die by a fear of offending people, but it's not something we can control. People will always get offended at things because we live in a spoiled nation of babies (not all of them are like that, but a lot are).


shoes said...

let me say that tim is a-ok in my book. he didnt come in all hellfire and brinstone on me. he came in with a good comment and i like it. come back anytime tim

curmudgeon said...

This is no shit...Mrs Curmudgeon attended a funeral last week of a young guy about 21 years old. He wanted to kill himself, so he bought a kiddie pool - you know, the little plastic splash around things like 4 feet in diameter and 6 inches deep. He then got some gasoline and poured it into the pool, stood in the middle of it and dropped a match.

No point other than to say some people will go to quite the dramatic lengths to punish the living.