Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've been thinking about this......

i know your thinking. why hasnt misterpissed commented on senator larry craig? i've been giving this story some time to see where the spin would go...and now i'm ready.

lets start with the main player here...senator larry craig. hes a very conservative senator from idaho. hes voted against gay marriage, gay...well, everything. hes married and as i understand it has had rumors of his being gay surrounding him since the 80's.

well larry got caught up in a sting in a minneapolis airport mens room. this particular bathroom is known for being a big gay hangout to have sex. as i understand it there is a series of things you need to do to alert the fellow in the next stall as to your intentions. if he signals you back then the games begin. He told no one about his June arrest, or his August plea, or how he explained to the Minneapolis police officer involved in the airport sting that signals the officer interpreted as a come-on for gay sex were actually explained by the senator's "wide stance'' in the stall and his reaching for a piece of paper on the floor.

Beyond the spectre of a U.S. senator allegedly cruising for bathroom sex, or moral questions of a police sting, Craig admitted to a serious lapse in judgment.

ok, you get the story now?

heres the facts as i see it. nobody gives a damn if your gay except assholes. its a new millenium. i think most people are just so tired of getting fucked over by politicians that if they found an honest one it wouldnt matter if he or she was gay, or green or....well , i think you understand. what people dont like is a person whos gay pretending to not be gay, voting against everything gay and then doing things behind their backs...or in this case the mens room of the minneapolis airport.

as i understand it the signals go like this....
1. you sit down and start tapping your feet. (i hope you didnt have a song in your head).
2.if hes into your signal the he should put his foot close to the edge of the stall and wait for you to then touch his foot with yours
3. at that point you reach down and grasp the partition rubbing it suggestively....
its like a very disgusting dancing with the stars. i would never in a million years reach under the partition of a public mens room without knowing whos on the other side much less grasp the partition. those rooms are cleaned about every 200 years. of course if your looking to have gay sex , or any sex for that matter, in the mens room of the minneapolis airport then i'm guessing that sanitation isnt topmost on your mind. larry explained that his touching the cops foot was do to his wide stance. thats really a bad lie. i would be more apt to believe him if he said he was a center on his college football team and he was having a flashback. i'm throwing the bullshit flag on larry.

and who, in their right mind, plead guilty to a sex charge (much less a gay sex charge) if they are innocent. as a senator you have to know that will get out and be career suicide. he already said the press was gunning for him. to say this was a lapse in judgement would be an incredible understatement.

of course once it came out larry is all upset. he says it was a misunderstanding and he shouldnt have pleaded guilty and hes going to fight it now. thats a little late larry. larry did show his id as senator to the cop and asked if that would help him. it most certainly did not.

after reading all the stories i see larry as guilty and the truth of the matter is......

he who lives by the meatsword, dies by the meatsword

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