Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First one out...........

Sioux City, Ia. - God's will is for Iowa to have the first-in-the-nation caucus, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson told a crowd here Monday."Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary," Richardson, New Mexico's governor, said at the Northwest Iowa Labor Council Picnic. "And I want you to know who was the first candidate to sign a pledge not to campaign anywhere if they got ahead of Iowa. It was Bill Richardson."

let me be the first to completely rule out bill richardson as president. god, and you can rest assured i know this as a fact, does not care if iowa is the first caucus or the last. even the people of iowa think that was stupid thing to say. most people who have been there would say that god must be mad at you to stick you in iowa.

officially, bill richardson is now to be considered crazy. hes fallen below kucinich on the not relevant meter. i hope that thirty states move ahead of iowa and he doesnt campaign in any of them thereby giving up his crazy dream of being the president.

might i add that if you vote for him you are as ....whats the word.....oh yeah, you are as bat shit crazy as he is.........

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