Friday, September 28, 2007

Another smart move...............

Ignoring warnings from the United States government, Mel Gibson is moving his family to an isolated part of Costa Rica. IMDB says:
The Mad Max actor, 51, plans to move his wife Robyn and seven children 3,000 miles away from their home in California to a $26 million ranch in a rural area that is known as “bandit territory”. Ignoring official US government warnings, Gibson has put two properties in California and Connecticut on the market to finance his move to the densely wooded estate in the Guanacaste province on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast. A State Department briefing warns that all American visitors there are “potential targets for criminals and kidnappers” and should never travel alone. It adds, “Local law enforcement agencies have limited capabilities and do not operate according to US standards
hey, lets make a movie and blame the jews for killing christ. hey, lets support my dad who says the holocaust never happened. hey, lets quit making action movies and make romantic comedies.
just wanted to prove that this move is not mels worst move. this is a good way to get rid of your family though. i guess mel wants his life to actually be an action movie. .” What’s not mentioned in the article is exactly why Gibson is moving his family thousands of miles away. The lack of roads maybe? No roads equals no DUIs. It’s simple logic folks. There’s a reason why Costa Rica probably has more alcoholics per square mile than any other country in the world. I think I heard that somewhere one time.

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