Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the old days...........

A PENSIONER nearly burned down her old folks’ home — after putting her slippers under the grill to warm them up.
Joan Hiscock, 84, settled down for a nice night of telly but forgot about them — until they caught fire and filled her home with smoke.
That triggered the fire alarms — and nine firefighters raced to the scene.

They were forced to evacuate dozens of other old folk in the sheltered accommodation before getting the blaze under control. They found the smouldering slippers on the grill pan in Stockbridge, Hampshire.
Yesterday horrified Joan said: “I’ve never had an accident like this in my life.
“I put the slippers under the grill to dry them after I had washed them. But I forgot all about them.
“They set fire to the oven and everyone had to be evacuated. When they found out it was my slippers they were laughing. I’ve learned my lesson.”
A spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “It was one of our most unusual call-outs.
“We have told her it is quite all right to put kippers under the grill — but not all right for slippers!”

maybe the eskimos had it right. when you started doing things like this they put you out on the ice flow and let the polar bears eat them. anyone this stupid is a danger to everyone who lives there.

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curmudgeon said...

How many more incidents like this, or farmer's markets, is it going to take fer chrissakes, before old farts start getting sanity or at least eye tests to ensure [BWAH!!] they are able to function unsupervised?

I guess we'll never know until AARP quits paying politicians large sums of money.