Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another thing i cant stand......

two weeks ago a pitcher for the st louis cardinals was killed in an accident. seemd the young man was drinking and then got into his car and was racing up the highway where he encountered a car getting ready to be put on a tow truck. the car was in one of the lanes because thats where it broke down. he hit the broke down car at approximately 70 mph. sure it is tragic but to me heres the really tragic part. his dad , who is taking care of his estate, is sueing everyone. lets put the list in order for you....
1. the bar where he got drunk
2. the owner of said bar
3. the bartender
4. the owner of the tow truck
5. the driver of the tow truck
6. the owner of the car being towed
his dad will probably sue me if he sees this. the bar , bar owner and bartender i can see but the tow truck driver and the guy who owned the car being towed....thats ridiculous. if this doesnt make you hate lawyers then ....well.....your probably a lawyer. i would love to see the car owner sue his estate, his wife and his children for wrecking his car. imagine the pain and suffering of not having your car. there must be something punitive in that. if i was the driver of the tow truck my back might start hurting right sure it crazy but not any more crazy then the estate sueing those poor people.
in this day of nobody wanting to accept responsibility for anything this all makes sense. i'm sure the owner of the bar kidnapped the ballplayer and took him to the bar and forced him to drink. any goodwill i had for this man is now gone thanks to a greedy father and some equally greedy lawyers. heres hoping they get what they deserve.....nothing.

this is shoes....over and out.....


curmudgeon said...

Maybe we'll get lucky and hear about the dad getting killed by a drunk driver on the way to court.

BAC said...

I agree with you 100%! Perhaps for the 1st time.