Friday, May 11, 2007

Love is in the air.......

Phys-Ed Teacher Accused Of Sexual Assault Of Student

Teacher makes deal over affair with boy

School staff accused of giving booze to students

Naked teacher pics sent to students

Teacher Busted for Alleged Sex With Student

HS softball coach arrested for sexual battery of a minor

these are some of the headlines that i've seen on the internet in the last two weeks. some are male teachers and some are women. some of the students are male and some are female. it seems like an epidemic. i guess i was just born at the wrong time. none of my teachers wanted to have sex with me. i cant think of any i wanted to have sex with anyway. i just know that if i was tapping a hot young teacher i wouldnt have told anyone....ever. that would have been my little secret for all of my school years. i would still speak fondly of the women to this day but alas i wasnt good enough. being a scrawny , ugly kid didnt help me any either.

go check out some of these stories...the teachers are hot. just giving you a little something to think about over the weekend.

this is shoes.......over and out........

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