Thursday, May 10, 2007

Foot in mouth disease......

seems like everyones favorite jerkoff, al sharpton, put his foot in his mouth...again. hes debating an atheist and when asked about mitt romney running for president al said something to the effect of "the christians who really believe in god will see that he doesnt become president". i'm sure thats not an exact quote but it gets his point across.
now there are many problems here...
1. a debate with an atheist? who wins here? i imagine neither one. i would love to see that debate. i love when people argue about a belief. make no mistake....religion, any religion, is a belief. show me something signed by god. please, dont bring up the bible, it was written by man. god wasnt using them like a steno pool.
2. one religious guy badmouthing another religious guy. this was done in the truest christian sense. its " my religion is right and your wrong if you dont agree". if god did show up what would he have to say about this.
3. a preacher (supposedly) badmouthing another religion. see above

in a typical al sharpton move he blamed romneys people for reading it the wrong way. i guess the mormons didnt understand that his implying that they didnt believe in god was meant in the nicest christian sense. now lets make no mistake...the mormon religion is ridiculous but no more than any other. ok, so its the only religion that makes scientology seem plausible but when compared to christianity its no more crazy.

this does take me back to my belief that all religions should be taxed. organized religion is moving right into politics and if anyone thinks thats a great idea then just look at any country that is run by a religious leader.......oh, lets just pick......iran. its pay to play kids. you want into politics then pay up just like everyone else.

some people have said that al sharpton should be run out of town like imus. see the problem here is that imus had a job...sharpton doesnt (at least he doesnt if you dont count extortion). what are you going to get al sharpton fired from? being a loudmouth? as long as credence is given to him them networks will use him for sound bites. romney should have just come out and said that they consider the source and al's proven that he just spouts off for attention.

ok kids back to work. this is shoes...over and out......

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