Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm back......

because you need me. i was going to quit blogging but so many outrageous things are happening and you need me to sort it out for you. lets start with a fave of mine....michael vick. mike seems to be in a bit of a jam. seems that , maybe, mike was a player in dog fighting. seems , maybe, that some dog fighting was going down on some property he owns. seems , maybe, that mike , either himself or through "his people" , was running some dogs over interstate lines to fight. seems as though ,maybe, mike could be fucked.

lets go over some of the talking points of this case. i'm going to venture that you've heard the expression " dont make a federal case out of this". well i'm venturing mike lawyers have said this vain. this is a federal case. the feds really check into this stuff and, unlike o.j. , the feds wont open a case unless they are pretty sure they can convict. that isnt good for mike. his buddies , who may or may not be his partners in this endeavor, have rolled on him. they've turned states evidence and , again, this isnt good for mike (havent these guys ever seen goodfellows). mikes lawyers are, reportedly, split on mike pleading guilty or going to trial, again, not good for mike. the nfl seems to be washing their hands of one of their stars having suspended him from training camp. this , one might say, is not good for mike. you starting to see a trend here.

ok, i think we can all agree that this isnt mikes year. dog fighting seems to be on a downswing due to the fact that its so fucking barbaric that even a neanderthal like myself cant comprehend its sporting value and how they , maybe, killed these dogs when they lost is insane on a criminal level. i tend to think that people go overboard on alot of issues but in this case its perfectly understandable. also, he might have picked a bad time ,workwise, to get in trouble. the nfl has a long history of turning a blind eye to criminal behavior by its players. moreso when they are stars but that , alas, was the past. the new nfl wants the players to , if they cant be law abiding citizens, at least not get caught. there is a very real possibility that no matter what happens to mike he will be suspended for the year which is less of a concern because knowledgable people seem to think that its not a case of if mike will serve time but how much time he will serve. as most of us know , in prison, handling the ball takes on a whole new meaning.

as for people that are saying that mike has been treated unfairly because hes black...well, whos to say. a white guy hasnt been involved with a dog fighting scheme (at least he hasnt been caught). these are the same people who think barry bonds got a bad press because hes black. i tend to disagree. mark mcgwire admitted to using steroids and sammy sosa got caught with a corked bat. the reason people dont like barry has less to do with him being black and more to do with the fact that hes an asshole. mikes treatment has more to do with the fact that a majority of professional athletes are black. i do remember a black former athlete who sawed a womans head off and got away with it.

what have we learned? its not a good time to be mike vick? dogs are for petting not fighting? your friends will throw you under a bus to save their own skin? all of the above? yes to all of those and good luck mike. just imagine how good that penitentarys football team is going to be.


Judith said...

what an ass hole, they should have smeared raw meat all over him and threw him to the dogs himself

BAC said...

Perhaps a real live sequel to "The Longest Yard".